Your Community Butcher

Your Community Butcher

Did you know that over 65 of our EUROSPAR stores have an in-store community butchery counter? With a range of offers and quality meats from award winning and family run butchers from your local area, there has never been more reasons to shop at your local community supermarket.


These top tips will serve you well this Summer

Before grilling

  • Use a dry rub on your meats before cooking and only use wet or oil base marinades during or after
  • Pre-cook thicker pieces of meat before BBQing.


  • Tame the flame... Flames will only burn what you are cooking so avoid large flames and try to keep a lid on the food, keeping the smoke in to give that smoky BBQ taste.
  • When food is cooking, marinate as you go. Keep the food nice and sticky.
  • Use charcoal for the authentic BBQ taste.

Check out your local community butcher and shop a range of special offers, meat parcels and different cuts below – you will not be disappointed!