Make your money  go further with tips to Reduce fruit & veg waste.


SHOP SMART: do not buy more food than you need, buying in bulk can lead to fresh food waste.  make a point of using up all your fruit and veg before buying more. ​

PLAN YOUR MEALS: make a list of everything you need before you visit the shop. ​

STORE FRUIT & VEG CORRECTLY:  avoid premature ripening and your produce going off. Potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, and onions should be kept at room temperature. ​

PRESERVE FRUIT & VEG:  pickling, fermenting, and freezing are methods you can use to make your food last longer. ​

LEFTOVER STORAGE: simply store your leftover cooked veg in a clear container rather than an opaque container so you do not forget it is there. ​