Here are some fun ways to get kids excited about upping their vegetable intake:

  • Cucumber Shapes – instead of including cucumber slices in lunch boxes, why not cut them into cute shapes like Stars and Hearts with mini vegetable cutters.
  • If shapes or picks aren’t your thing, then simply offering Veggie Sticks along with a sauce for dipping may just entice the kids to enjoy the vegetables on offer.
  • Vegetable Noodles are an ingenious way to include a generous vegetable portion in the kid’s lunch boxes. You could make vegetable noodles with zucchini, sweet potato or carrots.
  • Incorporate a generous portion of chopped cucumber into Homemade Tzatziki, which could then be used to dip vegetable sticks or crackers into.
  • Veggie Selection – include your child’s favourite vegetables in a simple and eye-catching presentation.
  • Once you have your star shaped vegetables, you could serve them in cute rubber Cups for an added colourful feature.